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Who's going to buy the Pink Floyd catalog?

September 08, 2022 Music Business Worldwide Season 6 Episode 3
Music Business Worldwide
Who's going to buy the Pink Floyd catalog?
Show Notes

Welcome to the latest episode of Music Business Worldwide's Talking Trends, supported by Voly Music.


Sony Music Group. Warner Music Group. BMG. Hipgnosis. Concord. Primary Wave.

They've all been tipped to be at the negotiating table to acquire a career-spanning catalog from legendary British band Pink Floyd.

On this episode of the Talking Trends podcast, Music Business Worldwide founder, Tim Ingham, reveals what his sources are telling him about the process.

Ingham's industry whisperers suggest that Floyd's camp are looking for GBP £420 million-plus for the catalog, which includes recorded music rights but NOT music publishing rights.

He also explains why exchange rates could play a major role in who ends up landing the rights. (Clue: The British pound is currently at its weakest vs. the US dollar since 1985).

Also discussed:

* Why some sources think Concord may end up as the victor in the race, while others  think the smart money's on Sony; 
* Why tax implications linked to the locations of the band's members might play an impact on who signs on the dotted line;
* How a handful of the companies in the race to buy Floyd's catalog already have a working relationship with the band

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